Saturday, 21 August 2010

k-series goggles

death squad flat black
snow camo
red fade

-UV protection-Scratch resistant lens-Fleece lined Tri-Density foam-Flexible injection molded polyurethane frame-posts for tear offs.
KBC K-Series Goggles Available in various colourways: Carbon, Snow Camo, Matt Black, Red Fade and Blue Fade .
Replacement lenses & Tear Offs available.
free postage

Monday, 16 August 2010

Team photo blogger update..

Elbry as ever, all about the flow even on 2 hours sleep, rock and roller!
Factory hunting down the top 10
factory gives it some pop

lil chris charging
Chris "factory" hopkins putting down the power

Tim letting it hang on the second run
lil chris heading for the win

factory mid run

Sunday, 15 August 2010

hopkins photo blog

Chris rocks the Red/clear K-series goggles,
Chris on his way to the top 10.

RRC on it @ Gawton rd 2

(photo by :chaz: Rider: Elbry Sandland) The complete RIDER RUN COMPANY team was in action this weekend @ the woodland riders Downhill event RD 2, Gawton.
Lil chris in the hardtail class racked up win number two and now holds a massive points lead heading to the final round, His goal of the day of a 3min or less run almost came true, but the tacky track held him a second off his goal but still a long way ahead of the second placed rider.

Chris "hopper" Hopkins cracked the top ten for the first time and moves up the points ladder with a smooth run on a track that he likes so much.

Ben put down a hot first run that gets him a 4th and a real shot of a top three in the series if he can keep riding strong in the final round next month. Ben will be going all out to get on the box for the first time @ the finals.

Tim for the first time this summer kept it on two wheels and ended the day with a time on the same second as his team mate and buddy Ben giving him a solid 5th, Like Ben he also could get on the box @ the finals and a top three in the series has to be on the cards as well.

Elbry put down a time for 6th after driving throught the night following a late one @ the redbull x-fighters. all mtn rider Elbry will now switch things up as he gets ready for the exmoor 75k enduro event.

Sandland Elbry, Master :6th
2:58.111 2:54.160 -------------2:54.160
Trayhorn Ben, Master :4th
2:50.501 2:51.408 ------------2:50.501
Leach Tim, Master :5th
2:57.050 2:50.764 ------------2:50.764
Hopkins Chris, Senior :10th
2:43.099 2:45.835 ------------2:43.099
Lamley Chris, Hardtail 1st
3:01.262 3:01.057----------- 3:01.057

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Rider Run Company would like to thank our title sponsor: for all of its support.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

BLING part 1

Chris should look box fresh this weekend.

Chris has made it back from scotland alive and has got some new bling ready for rd2 of the woodlands series this weekend

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

RIDER RUN CO on the box

(photo:moredirt: rider: Elbry Sandland)
Watch BBC Spotlight Friday night at 18:28 you should see Lil Chris razzing HSD.

Rider Run Company team will all be racing this weekend @ Gawton rd2 of the seires.

fort william ;chris

cove hedge jump and road line